I was born and raised in Southwest Florida and was introduced to fishing at a very young age. Ever since then, I have been taught in many different ways to fish: from shark fishing on sandy beaches, to commercial fishing in the keys for giant kingfish and spanish mackerel. When introduced to shark fishing for the first time I didn't know what to expect until I felt the adrenaline running through me while fighting my first shark, which happened to be a fat Blacktip. After catching hundreds of sharks, my love for shark fishing has grown into my guided charter service, Tail Ropin' Shark Charters. I plan to expand my horizons by venturing offshore on my kayak with the Adrenaline team to catch many pelagic species and compete in many tournaments including the Extreme Kayak Fishing Tournaments and the Blacktip Challenge.

Eric Root - Southwest Florida

Team Adrenaline Pro Staff

Laura Cason - West Florida

Rachel Simpson - Oklahoma

Laura was born and raised on the West Coast of Florida. Laura is the definition of a water woman. She has been addicted to offshore fishing since she was four. Five years ago she started to Inshore fish and her addiction has only grown bigger. Laura respects the catch & release technique unless she plans on having it for dinner.​ Her passion for fishing is indescribable. We look forward to seeing the fish she will catch using her Adrenaline Fishing Custom Rods! ​"If you love fishing as much as I do, then you'll know that indescribable adrenaline rush when reeling in the fish of a lifetime." - Laura Cason

Rachel is from Oklahoma and has been in love with everything outdoors since she was born. Rachel loves to fish and hunt. When she was six both her father and grandfather turned her into a fishing fanatic. Her love for fishing has grown tremendously since. She mainly fished for Large Mouth Bass, but also enjoys fishing for Crappie, Striper, Sand Bass and Small Mouth Bass. Rain or shine you can always count on Rachel trying to catch that monster of a fish! 

Dylan Marks was born and raised in Santa Monica, California.  He grew up fishing and surfing the Southern California waters and caught his first Thresher Shark at the age of 13 and has been chasing sharks ever since.  Dylan first began kayak fishing four seasons ago and last season caught and released 68 Thresher Sharks.  An advocate of catch and release fishing Dylan is passionate about ocean conservation and plans to incorporate kayaking into his career as a therapist with “at risk youth”.  This summer Dylan hopes to be the first kayak fisherman to land a Mako Shark from his kayak

Centuries ago our ancestors fish from their wooden canoes, paddling out from shore and harvesting fish to feed the village. It was a way of life and a way to feed the village to survive. Fast forward to our future now... 
Same old tradition, new generation, but with more modern boats and fishing equipment. Same concept and reason though, I do it so my Big Island "family", neighbors and friends can survive! Everyone knows that the cost of living now days is ridiculous, especially here in Hawaii! The jobs here are so slim that half of the people I know are struggling to put food on their tables and are in high risk of losing their homes. 
I am blessed to have been born and raised here and was raised up learning how to live off of our land like our ancestors did. I was taught from childhood how to hunt in our mountains and fish in our oceans to harvest food to feed our family. For years now my Big Island, neighbors and friends have been getting fed by the fish I go out and harvest from our ocean and by the pork and beef I harvest from our mountain. It's a hard life here in Hawaii but I wouldn't trade it for anything, I love my culture and am teaching my sons the same culture that I have learned. Fishing is a lot more than a sport to me, it's my livelihood and way of life.

Dylan Marks - Southern California

Rob Wong Yuen - Honaunau Hawaii

Rob Has been kayak fishing in the South Florida waters for the past 8 years. Rob was on the the 1st Place Team in the 2011 Kayak Wars.  He finished 1st Place in The First Florida Sportsman’s Kayak Challenge and 4th place in The Second Sportsman’s Kayak Challenge. He finished 3rd Place in The 2012 Extreme Kayak Tournament and 3rd Place in The 2013 Extreme Kayak Tournament. Rob was the first person to catch multiple Sailfish and Wahoo on a kayak, outside of Hawaii. There are articles of Rob’s kayak fishing achievements in the early summer edition of The Kayak Angler Magazine and The SunSentinel Newspaper.  Follow Rob and the Adrenaline Fishing Rod he is using on “South Florida Kayak Guide.”

Rob Rodriguez - South Florida

Brandon Meltzer - South Florida

Brandon started kayak fishing in 2012. He bought his first kayak without knowing what he was getting himself into. Robinson Rodriguez was the first person to take him offshore in the kayak. You wouldn’t believe what happened next. The first fish he caught off of his kayak was an 80LB Sailfish. You could say he felt the rush. Kayak fishing has become Brandon’s addiction. He now competes in the Extreme Kayak Fishing Tournaments.

Dylan Marks

Rob Rodriguez

Brandon Meltzer

​Rachel Simpson

Rob Wong Yuen

Austin Collins

​Laura Cason