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*Custom Order Option*

*Online Store Option*

*Custom Order Option*

We are adding fishing rods to our online store in the next few weeks and some options will not be available thru our online store. To order a design that is not offered thru our online store, please contact us via email, phone or from the Rod Order Form.

*Online Store Options*

*Custom Order Option*

*Online Store Option*

OffShore Hook Keeper

*Metallic Colors Only*

Guide Designs

We offer too many Thread Work design to put online. If there is a specific design, please contact us or fill out the Rod Order Form and tell us which design you would like.

Design Options

Abalone Foregrip Design

Abalone Under Guides 


Marbling of Guides

Marbling of Foregrip

Marbling of Split Grip

Tiger Wrap designs is an optical allusion. The patterns change based on the angle that it is viewed. It is one of the most interesting designs we offer.

Thread Work

Tiger Wrap

​Dragon Scales